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What are Thumb Huggers?

Our Story

Thumb Huggers thumb and finger sucker guards were created when my daughter, then 7, was struggling to stop sucking her thumb. She would cry in the mornings in frustration about having sucked her thumb unintentionally during the night. So I designed the very first thumb guard for her and two-three weeks later her thumb sucking habit was broken! Then I started making them for friend's children...and now here we are. 

How do they work?  Thumb Huggers are soft, comfortable gentle reminders to keep the thumb or fingers out of the mouth.  When worn during down times and at night the child won't suck when they aren't thinking about it.  The fabric hits their lips and they remember "Nope, I don't want to suck my thumb!"   They come in a wide variety of fun prints.  We recommend letting your child be a part of the process by allowing them to choose their favorite print.

Thumb Huggers guards are intended for children ready to give up the habit and whom are willing to keep the guard on.  However, they have often been used for much younger children who for medical or dental reasons must be forced to break the habit.  When used in this way we recommend adding the optional buckle to make it more difficult to remove.  We also recommend the use of a reward system to help motivate your child to keep the guard on.