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Woodland Friends Thumb Sucking Guard

Thumb Huggers are thumb sucking guards for kids (and adults) who are ready to stop thumb sucking but are having a hard time breaking the habit, especially during the night or during downtime.  Most children can't break the thumb sucking habit because they suck without realizing they are doing it.  The Thumb Hugger will help prevent your child from unintentionally sucking their thumb.  The Thumb Hugger covers your child's thumb and wraps around their wrist, secured with Velcro.  


**Please read full description before purchasing.**


Note:  This not meant to force a child to stop sucking their thumb, but to help remind and encourage those who are ready to break the habit but need help breaking the habit.  Your child WILL be able to remove the guard if he/she is really determined to do so.  There are no refunds for guards that your child doesn't want to keep on.  That said, these HAVE often been used often for younger children, as well, who are more resistant to breaking the habit. By adding a buckle to make it more difficult (but not always impossible) to remove, along with a reward chart to encourage them to keep the guard on many parents have had success with those little ones who need to break the habit to prevent dental or finger damage.  **Check out the other listings in my shop for a digital copy of a print-at-home reward chart**


This listing is for ONE Thumb Sucker Guard. They do NOT come in pairs.  If you need two, order two.  You will only be charged shipping for the first guard.


If your child has a favorite theme or character that isn't offered or if you'd like a solid color thumb/finger guard, message me and I'll see if I can get it for you.



    For correct sizing please provide me with these measurements (leave your measurements in the personalization section):

    1. From tip of thumb straight down to the bend in the wrist.
    2. Length of thumb (inner side from tip to where it meets the index finger.)
    3. Circumference around the wrist.


    Use measurement #1 (from tip of thumb to wrist) to determine sizing.  If the measurement falls between two sizes, go up a size.

    Super Small - 2.5 inches
    Small - 3 inches
    Medium - 3.5 inches
    Large - 4 inches
    Extra Large - 4.5 inches
    Adult - 5 inches

    Optional:   If you would like to have a curved buckle clasp added, in addition to the Velcro, to the guards to make it more difficult for your child to remove that option is available for an additional $5 in price. *When adding a buckle, you need to supply me with your child's wrist circumference measurement.  If the measurement is not supplied, I will place the buckle at the average place for that size.  There is no guarantee that it will fit snug without the wrist measurement, so I highly recommend you take the time to get it.  


    Due to Thumb Huggers being custom made, I do not accept returns or refunds.  However, if you have a probem with an order, please contact me so I can help!


    Shipping is through USPS domestic and international.

    With international shipping, some countries require a additional charge upon pick up of package.  This is out of my control, please know what to expect with your post office's procedures for international shipping.

    Once an item has been picked up by the Post Office it's out of my hands.  I am not responsibe for lost packages.



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